Philosophy and Spirituality

How spirituality or therapy can actually be a problem, not a solution.

The essence of both therapy and spirituality is proper, conscious relationship with the here and now.

In therapy, we distance ourselves from dysfunctional cognitive, emotional, and behavioral patterns that we have learned in the past. And then we’re looking for what is suitable to the current situation. In spirituality, we leave obsessive interest in accomplishing goals in the external, material world, and through the current moment we connect with the mystery of existence.

Both of those things, however, can be done in a careless, automatic way, which is completely opposite to their core. It can be just a part of a lifestyle, a routine activity, a pleasant topic to chat with friends about or just a “time-killer” used to get away from the true connection with the uniqueness and authenticity of the current moment.

Spirituality becomes a set of rituals, meeting in meditative groups, rationalizing old behaviors, thoughtlessly quoting a trendy author, or playing the role of a “spiritual person.”

Therapy becomes a compulsive digging in the past, or finding more and more new problems that need to be sorted out before you can start having authentic relationships with yourself and others. Thinking about “what else is still not working?” becomes an excuse for not taking responsibility for your life in that exact moment.

When you find yourself lost in your path, you can always come back by paying attention to the current moment (which is always at your fingertips).

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